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    Small hole finishing just got easier with the ultimate piloted small hole countersink.

  • Available in two sizes and five angles, both capable of entering the smallest of holes. Model 025S with a maximum cutting diameter of .250" and model 037S with a maximum cutting diameter of .375".
  • Conical pilot seeks and centers itself on holes as small as .015". You’ll need a magnifying glass to see it.
  • Vibration that causes chatter is virtually eliminated by unique conical pilot.
  • Unique single lip quarter-round cutter design permits use on extremely small holes.
  • Spring actuated pilot cone keeps cutting edge away from work piece until the tool is truly centered on the hole and additional pressure is applied.
  • Radially relieved cutting edge with chip-breaker performs effortlessly creating smooth clean cuts.
  • Durable conical pilot is made from heat-treated, ball bearing quality steel.
  • Easily resharpened high speed steel cutter. Soon to be available in carbide.
  • Enhance the quality of your product while effecting manufacturing efficiency.