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    For hand touch-up of Tungsten Carbide and high speed steel cutting tools.

  • Less expensive than diamond hones and lasts far longer.
  • Sintered boron carbide grains are suspended in a tough matrix which resists grain pull-out and premature separation.
  • Outstanding performance lasts for years!
  • Shapes and removes metal rapidly and cleanly.
  • Four grits from 240 to 600.
  • Best for touch-up of T/C and HSS tools already set up in machine tools. No need to disturb setup.
  • One of the few honing tools you can really bear down on.
  • Choice of flat, semicircular or triangular shaped stone allows development of complex profiles.
  • Cemented onto sturdy 7" long handle with a 2X magnifier.
  • Glaze is easily cleaned off with an ordinary pencil eraser. mostbet az