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    Adjustable Solid Drill Stop.

  • Stop-bit is locked onto drill shank or into drill flutes with dual set-screws to limit drill travel.
  • Assures uniformity of hole depth from part to part.
  • Particularly useful with manual or semi-automatic drilling setups.
  • Nine tool ranges for all drill sizes. from #32 (.116) to 47/64" (.734), including number, letter and metric sizes.
  • Many standard sizes are stocked, custom bored stops are shipped promptly within a day.
  • Stop-Bits Spacers are available separately.
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    Bit-Spacers Give Drill Stops a Solid Back-Up

  • Spacers provide solid back-up when used in conjunction with Stop-Bits or Cham-Bits.
  • For completely positive metal-to-metal back-up, Stop-Bit spacers are mounted on the drill between the stop and the tool holder.
  • Assures a positive control of depth.
  • Stop-Bit Spacers are sold in matched sets to accommodate a wide range of drilling depths.